About Bolivian Treks

Bolivian Treks LLC is oriented by a conservation ethic that centers its philosophy on the protection of biological, cultural, and ethnic resources through interaction in natural areas, in the form of treks, hikes and some activities close to water.

In tourism, as in all walks of life, interaction between peoples enhances cultural exchange, building healthy bridges between people's.

Bolivia's multiple natural attractions are surpassed only by it's astounding diversity. Attractions such as important paleontological and geological sites, and species rich birdlife and the flora in Amazonia and Andes contain examples of what you would like to see.

Jimmy Coughlin, leads Bolivian Treks, and is it's inspirator, the son of an Irish-American father and a Spanish mother, was born in Cochabamba and is a social communicator and an independent travel planner and designer.

With studies in forestry/agriculture, and certified in hospitality and tourism as a "Guide Former", by Bolivia's Vice-ministry of Tourism, he's led trips to natural areas in the Andes and the Amazonic regions of this South American country for over 15 years. Having lived most of his life in Bolivia, he's worked as captain of "La Reina de Enin", an Amazonia riverboat flotel and cruiser, was vice-president of Cochabamba tour guides association, and met and escorted many a visitor arriving in this FLAMBOYANT COUNTRY* (1970's writer/explorer LOREN McINTYRE's title referring to Bolivia).

Recently established in the Washington DC area, he works as an interpreter in the Spanish and English languages, and plans and designs eco and natural tours to geographically diverse Bolivia*.

Portrayed as a guide, bridging cultures, he is determined, and believes that relaying the importance of preserving Bolivia's ecosystems is definitely connected with the human cultural aspects. These, will eventually mark the difference in the future. Good reasons to try Magical Bolivia*, a place where the genuine still prevails.


Prevention is the key to maintain your health while you travel.  Travelers who receive the recommended vaccinations and follow common safety precautions, usually come down with nothing more than a little diarrhea.

Medically speaking, Bolivia is part of tropical South America, which includes most of the continent except the southernmost portion.  The diseases found in the area  are comparable to those found in tropical areas in Asia and Africa.  Particularly important are mosquito borne infections including malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever.  Although these are not a significant concern in the temperate regions of the country.

Since most vaccines do not protect immediately until 2 weeks after they are given, visit a doctor 4 to 8 weeks before departure.  Do not forget to take your vaccination certificate, its mandatory in countries that require proof of yellow fever vaccination on entry.  Bring medications in their original clearly marked  containers.  A signed and dated letter from your physician describing your medical condition and medications.


We strongly urge you to acquire insurance.

Indispensable insurance travel  policies cover theft or loss of money (cash or cheques), illness, and injury, loss of baggage and/or tickets, and some up to cancellation of your trip.  Extra premiums are paid to cover for extreme and dangerous sports, none of which will be included in our journeys. Some policies can be adequated to include or exclude unnecessary coverage at will, such as illness and accident.  If you will be covered medically, be sure to verify details or procedures.  Baggage coverage should include per article limit.  If you would need to make claims  for losses, receipts should be kept as well as for any medical treatment.  As is understood, should the need  for assistance be necessary, our trip leader and guide will be at hand to colaborate in the event of any unforeseen incidents mentioned above.